Melbourne Bathhouse


Coming Soon: A Body-Positive Collingwood Bathhouse With DIY Mud Treatments

The owners want to make wellness and relaxation more inclusive and accessible – and less about beauty.

Concrete Playground

Collingwood’s About to Score a New Bathhouse Championing a 'No Bullshit' Approach to Self Care

With affordable spa and mindfulness offerings, Sense of Self will a place for regular self care, rather than a one-off.



Meanwhile In Melbourne

Sense Of Self Bathhouse

The founders hope to create an inclusive and accessible space at a more affordable price point, encouraging a broader audience to make self-care a ritual.


A Modern Hammam Bathhouse & Urban Spa Is Coming To Melbourne

Inspired by Eastern European culture, the new bathhouse and wellness space—Sense of Self (SOS)—will be a welcome refuge for urban dwellers needing an escape from the humdrum of city life.

Melbourne Bathhouse

Russh Magazine

Sense of Self: the Melbourne bathhouse redefining spa design

We know that the most important relationship in our lives is the one we cultivate with ourselves, but it’s easier said than done in our current social media-driven culture. A new bathhouse and wellness concept in Melbourne is aiming to redefine the way we think and practice self care and restoration.